Story of a Project

At the beginning, the name was “Cresciano Boulder”. The project by Claudio Cameroni and Renzo Lodi was almost born as a joke. The initial idea was to collect and put on paper the large number of problems and main information of boulders that the increasingly popular Cresciano offered. As of that time, in early 2000, Cresciano started to be a reference for bouldering to every climber.

These were the years of Dreamtime and the news about a new level in bouldering (8c, later on downgraded to 8b+) travelled quickly around the world of bouldering: Cresciano became increasingly popular.

Dreamtime was a milestone not only in the history of Cresciano, but probably also in the history of bouldering. The attainment of this important new level attracted many boulderers, all desiring to attempt this new grade. Graham and Ondra are only two names of the many strong climbers who came to Cresciano for this and other challenges. Dreamtime is no longer the hardest boulder problem in the world, but its name will remain known.

Claudio Cameroni,  Renzo Lodi, Antonello Ambrosio, Roberto Grizzi, Nicola Vonarburg started the work and created the first official guide of Cresciano, published in 2002. In the same year, Viviana Chiesi joined the team. 

Following the unexpected success of the first guide, there appeared in 2006, in the same format, the guides for Gottardo Boulder and Chironico Boulder. From 2002 till today, possibly thanks to the publication of these guides, the number of people enjoying bouldering has increased tremendously in Canton Ticino. We are happy and proud of this result.  We wish to extend our profound thanks to Anto, Nico and Vivi who during these years have contributed in many ways to the success of our project.