+ OSOGNA + CLARO . New edition 2014 !  

Cresciano Boulder is the first boulder guide, published  in Ticino in remote 2002. It is certainly of historical value as it has revealed the secrets of one of the most important and attractive places for thousands of passionate climbers from all over the world. A new edition was published in 2014, updated, and including the new bouldering areas of Osogna and Claro. “Cresciano Boulder” is therefore more complete, with 22 sectors and close to 1,500 problems!

Cresciano Boulder Guide
Size 140x230 mm . 288 coloured pages . Price: CHF 40.-

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After the success of the boulder guide to Cresciano, it was hard to imagine not bringing out a sequel, and not feeling obliged to choose Chironico (Leventina Valley) next.  The choice of Chironico is one of passion.  In extent and number of problems it equals and even surpasses its more famous cousin.  But the reasons are not just quantitative.  The beauty and difficulty of the passages make Chironico a prime choice.  Today there are 27 sectors and up to 1500 problems!

Chironico Boulder Guide
Size 140x230 mm . 288 coloured pages . Second edition 2009 . Price: CHF 40.-



+ GÖSCHENEN + WASSEN . New edition 2014 !

Over recent years The Gotthard Pass has gradually become a favoured rather than an optional summer bouldering area. Its location (boulders at 2000 meters above sea level) makes it particularly pleasant during the hot summer days. The presence of lichens (which never prejudices or disturbs the ascents) gives it the fascination of the more northern lands, completely different from the known areas in Ticino.

Its beauty and the consistent number of problems makes it the third part of the triad of the Swiss Alps, together with Magic Wood and the Susten Pass. Because of this development we have now updated the Guide Book for this interesting and very special place for bouldering, and we hope that it will offer you enjoyable climbing days. Today there are 24 sectors and up to 800 problems!

Gottardo Boulder Guide
Size 140x230 mm . 192 pages . Price: CHF 25.-

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